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In an effort to keep all NARI members and prospective members on the same page, we have created a weekly newsletter that is emailed every Friday at 7:00 am. This newsletter typically has 3 to 4 news articles, a section for events happening that week and a monthly overview. We hope that this will provide a consistent source for NARI Atlanta information.

If you would like to see this newsletter in your inbox, there are two steps -

1.Sign up under the "Newsletter Sign Up" tab at the top of the page on the far left.
2.Add to your contacts list. The newsletter contains a good bit of links to our website, the national website, and various other credible sources. Due to the amount of links in it, it generally triggers spam filters unless you add the admin email to your contacts. 

Homeowner Newsletter

The NARI Atlanta Marketing Committee has introduced a monthly newsletter for Atlanta homeowners. The goal of the newsletter is to increase awareness of NARI Atlanta with homeowners and to help them see NARI Atlanta as the trusted resource for remodeling professionals. We also plan to provide information that is current, informational, and interesting. There are several ways you can participate in the newsletter.

Become a content provider!

We are looking for content providers for our newsletter. To be published the articles must meet the following criteria:

•Relates to the remodeling industry. This can involve remodeling, home maintenance, outdoor spaces, landscaping, design, etc.
•Content must speak to something you are very knowledgeable about.
•Contains little to no self or company promotion. Articles will include a short biography on you or your company along with contact information. Goal is for the content to be informational and interesting, not a sales piece.
•Informative but brief - no more than three to five paragraphs.
•Includes a relevant picture (if available, we can certainly help provide one if you don't have one!)
The articles will be posted on the NARI Atlanta blog in their entirety. The newsletter is emailed to homeowners once a month and resembles the weekly news piece members receive each Friday. The titles and first couple sentences of each article will be provided in order to draw readers in and to click on the "Read More" button. We will also post html links for the newsletters in various social media accounts.

If you have any questions or would like to submit an article please email or call us at 770.559.9440.

Advertise on the newsletter!

We are selling advertising spots on the newsletter for our members.
•AD 1.1
oPrice: $250 x 12 = $3,000
oCommitment: Annual
oFeatures: Largest ad on top of desktop and mobile versions of newsletter

•AD 1.2
oPrice: $200 x 6 = $1200
oCommitment: Semi-Annual
oFeatures: Second largest ad on top of desktop and mobile versions of newsletter.

•AD 1.3
oPrice: $150 x 3 = $450
oCommitment: Quarterly
oFeatures: Largest ad on bottom of desktop and middle of mobile versions of newsletter.

•AD 2.1
oPrice: For Platinum or Presenting Major Event Sponsor for 3 Months
oFeatures: Ad on top of desktop but bottom of mobile versions.

•AD 2.2
oPrice: $150
oCommitment: Monthly
oFeatures: Ad halfway down on desktop version and at bottom of mobile version.

The following PDF allows you to see a rough outline of what the newsletter looks like. Please keep in mind, it typically will not be printed, but viewed on a computer or mobile device, so it will differ visually. We are happy to send you a test version if you're interested in a real time version.

Homeowner Newsletter Example

If you have any questions or would like to advertise in the upcoming issue, please email or call us at 770.559.9440.

Thank You!

Member Directory

The NARI Atlanta membership directory is printed each January with over 200,000 combined digital and print copies shared with consumers, suppliers, lenders, media, architects, interior designers and other related businesses. Consumers may pickup a copy of the directory in the January issue of Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine, at all Atlanta Home Shows, or by calling or emailing the NARI Atlanta office.


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